No in person sessions will be available while the Covid-19 social distancing and self isolation measures are in in place. All services will be delivered by Zoom.

One to one services (one hour approx)

  • Life Coaching £50
  • Face Reflexology & Rejuvenation tutorial £40

Spa At Home group service (90 minutes-2 hours) - request a quote. 

Have  you booked your Spa At Home experience yet? Join friends and family for  a wonderfully relaxing home spa like nothing you've ever experienced!  I'll be your host on Zoom, and your guide and facilitator. 

 Opening with a Face Ritual, you'll give yourself a balancing face  reflexology and face rejuvenation massage, for a full body boost and an  energised face. Apply your favourite face mask and a couple of slices of  cucumber over your eyes, then grab your blanket and cushions and  snuggle down for a guided relaxation or a sound bath relaxation. 

Contact me with details of your group (how many participants) and any  special requirements, and I'll give you a quote for your package.  Average duration will be 90 minutes to 2 hours, though you can request a  shorter time window.

Zero to Zen online beginners meditation training is now available for just £45.