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While we all take social distancing and self isolation measures to protect public health, I've taken all of my services online for the foreseeable future. Join me for online meditation training, group Sound Baths, Spa At Home group packages, coaching sessions, and more. With the fabulous technology that Zoom brings us, it's never been a better time to be online. Let's stay connected and stay well.



time to grow

My name's Siobhan, and I work as a Reflexologist and Sound Therapist, and a Meditation Coach and Life Coach. After overcoming life threatening illness in my early 30s, I knew I had to make crucial changes if I was to have the meaningful life I wanted and deserved. I retrained as a Reflexologist in 2003, the start of my journey of personal and professional transformation and self actualisation.  My work is to serve and guide you in turn on your own journey to wholeness, wellness and self actualisation. I believe we all have the potential to live a life of purpose and meaning. How can I be of service to you today?

Self actualisation can be defined as ‘the realisation or fulfilment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone’. The psychologist Abraham Maslow puts self actualisation at the pinnacle of his well known pyramid model of human needs.

Chronic stress, 24/7 focus on 'doing' and an inability to switch off and rest efficiently put people at risk of poor long term physical and mental health, and are barriers to a life well lived with purpose and possibility. Wellness is so much more than being free from illness: it's a process of change and growth towards a mentally and physically balanced lifestyle, creating a strong foundation of resilience which we can rely on through life's ever changing landscape. My clients report feeling better able to cope, more in control of their lives, and happier than they have been in a long time. 

From a place of balance it's possible to achieve great things. If you know you deserve better, get in touch now. 


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I work with people who have the motivation and desire to effect lasting change. A client’s transformation may be a long process if they're dealing with deep rooted issues. If you’re willing to do this work wholeheartedly, I’ll be delighted to travel with you. I know from experience that when you're fully invested and taking responsibility for your process, we get better results. 

Clients take responsibility for arriving at the agreed time for appointments (neither early nor late), and for paying a 100% cancellation fee if they fail to notify me of non attendance with fewer than 24 hours' notice. 

Member of the Association of Reflexologists (FMAR)
Member of the College of Sound Healing
Member of Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

07765 890466


Appointments by Zoom Tuesday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm BST


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